Join us as we celebrate 10 YEARS ONLINE!


We’re celebrating our 10th year online with some pretty amazing deals, but first let me take you back in time a decade…

It was April 2004 when we first launched our website, and we never could have predicted the success the following ten years would bring…

Our aim was to offer a convenient yet professional online service to the UK market for those wishing to purchase a sectional building, and approximately 2500 happy clients later, we believe we are the best in the business…  See what some of our happy customers have to say about us

To celebrate this milestone, we want YOU to join our happy family of satisfied customers with a massive discount from the list price as advertised on our website throughout the rest of this month of January.

Just contact Sharon, our online sales office manager at or call 0800 849 9036 with an idea of your requirements, and I will personally respond with the best prices and biggest discounts we’ve ever made available!

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